Our most famous professional treatment products…

For Professional Use Only

Our most famous professional treatment products…

The following products are strictly for professional use only:


Used prior to extraction, Desin-Gel Advance softens comedones and other pore impactions for easier extraction and removal. Used during steam or galvanic prior to extraction during a deep cleansing treatment, the blend of surfactant ingredients help to loosen clogged pores by “liquefying” solidified sebum deposits. Dermatologist-tested.

Apply after preliminary cleansing for 8 minutes, during steam. Galvanic current (negative) can be used over Desin-Gel Advance for deeper treatment. Remove and begin extraction. Do not use this product in eye areas!

8 oz Bottle
32 oz Bottle

SERUM ANTI-GRASSES Post-extraction Serum for Enlarged Pores

This unique professional-only treatment product contains a complex of natural botanical extracts to soothe freshly treated oily areas, helping to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, and aid in cleansing remnants of debris left from extraction. We have used this combination of extracts in our salon for over 20 years as an after-extraction treatment. We have found that this blend substantially reduces redness, puffiness, and significantly reduces the chance of post-facial breakouts and “surfacing”.


Directions:   Apply a few drops after extraction to enlarged pores and oily areas. High frequency may be applied directly over the serum. Apply Concept:Clean Mask or Mark Lees Masque Clarifiante after application. We strongly suggest the use of DESIN-GEL Pre-Masque prior to extraction. Do not use this product in eye areas!

1 oz dropper bottle
4 oz Refill

Alphaplex-30 Professional AHA Exfoliation Treatment Gel

A professional-only, 30% pH 3.0 AHA exfoliation treatment to help smooth and improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin. Alphaplex-30, performed in a series of salon treatments, helps improve texture, uneven coloration, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and makes pores appear smaller. It is designed to be used with a complete Mark Lees home care program.

PLEASE NOTE: Salons/Clinics using this product must carry the Mark Lees retail system, as home care is required with this treatment. Estheticians must study our special Alpha Hydroxy Acid Treatment Guide, and pass the test in the guidebook before purchasing this product. Call our office for more details.

4 oz Bottle

Our deep hydration massage products…

Dr. Lees believes that one of the most important benefits of massage is deeper penetration of beneficial treatment product. Therefore, all of our massage products contain special conditioning ingredients to benefit the specific skin condition, and are designed to be left on the skin after the massage is completed.


Our time-tested hydration fluid that helps boost hydration without clogging fats and oils. Ideal for younger and combination adult skin, Hydrafluide contains powerful hydration agents, but has been dermatologist-tested and documented non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores or contribute to breakouts.

8 oz Bottle
32 oz Pump Bottle

 Moisture Support System®Replenishing Complex

Designed for dry and aging skin, Replenishing Complex contains ceramide lipid and smoothing emollients to boost the skin’s ability to hold moisture between the cells, improving smoothness and firmness. Dermatologist-tested.

8 oz Bottle

Sensitive Science®Soothing Hydration Massage Fluid

One of our most popular treatment products, this incredibly silky, professional only soothing hydration fluid contains moisture binding ceramides and soothing ingredients to calm redness and increase hydration. Ideal for a hydrating massage for any dehydrated or aging skin, but especially for sensitive dehydrated, or redness-prone skin. Dermatologist-tested.Use before Soothing Gel Mask or Intensive Moisture Mask.

8 oz Bottle

Our professional cleansers and toners…

Lait Clarifiante Deep Cleansing Milk

Our special cleanser for combination-oily skin, Lait Clarifiante contains non-clogging and non-greasy cleansing ingredients and thoroughly removes makeup and preps the skin for additional treatment.

16 oz Bottle

Sensitive Science®Soothing Cleanser

For sensitive and dry/dehydrated skin, Sensitive ScienceÒ Soothing Cleanser is a dermatologist-tested extra gentle, non-foaming cleanser that does not strip the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Also perfect for eye makeup removal.

16 oz Bottle

Tonique Clarifiante

For combination and oily skin, Tonique Clarifiante is our refreshing, alcohol-free toner. Tonique Clarifiante removes traces of dirt and makeup missed during cleansing, minimizes pore appearance, and most importantly balances the proper pH of the skin. It can be misted onto the skin, or used on predampened cotton.

16 oz Bottle

Sensitive Science®Soothing Toner

A blend of non-alcoholic hydrating agents and gentle extracts, Soothing Toner refreshes, soothes, and hydrates the skin. Dermatologist-tested Soothing Toner can be used in a spray or can be applied on cotton to freshen, soothe after waxing, or to help remove and refresh after mask removal.

16 oz Bottle


It is our philosophy that any cream intended for daytime use should contain a broad-spectrum SPF-15 or higher sunscreen complex. In most cases, there is no reason for additional “moisturizer” to be applied under these products. Hydrators and emollients proper for the skin type are automatically built into the products. Remember, daily use of  broad-spectrum sunscreen is the best defense against skin aging!

For Sensitive, Reactive, and Dry Skin

Sensitive Science® Daily Prevention SPF-15 contains broad spectrum Zinc Oxide in a special irritancy-tested hydrating base with soothing green tea, licorice, and matricaria extract. Ideal alone or under makeup.

2 oz Tube

For Dry, Dehydrated, or Aging Skin

Moisture Support SystemÒ A Beautiful Day For Dehydrated/Sun Damaged/Mature Skin, A Beautiful Day is a daily-use daytime moisturizer/protectant with broad spectrum SPF-30 sun protection. This essential sun protection is coupled with essential lipid ceramides, natural components of the intercellular lipid barrier. With powerful hydrators sodium hyaluronate and glycerin, and natural protective ingredients to help smooth and protect the skin against dehydration, A Beautiful Day provides an excellent finish for makeup application, or can be worn without makeup.

2.5 oz Tube

For Most Skin Types, including Acne-Prone & Hyperpigmented Skin

Essential Daily Protection provides broad-spectrum SPF-30+ protection.

The cream is extremely lightweight, has a matte finish, and is designed to use as a day cream alone or under makeup. Fragrance-Free and Dermatologist-tested.

2.5 oz Tube


For skin types needing hydration, but not oil!

Our most popular hydrating fluid, Hydrafluide helps to restore the water-moisture level without

clogging fatty emollients and oil, and without causing clogged follicles, comedones, or

breakouts. Fragrance-free and laboratory tested non-comedogenic and non-irritating to follicles.

8 oz Bottle
32 oz Pump Bottle

For Dry, Sundamaged, or Aging Skin

Moisture Support System® A Beautiful Night Replenishing Complex uses intensive hydrators and advanced lipid complexes to restore essential moisture to dehydrated or mature skin. Visibly firming and smoothing the appearance of mature skin, Dermatologist-tested Replenishing Complex is non-greasy and fragrance-free.

8 oz Bottle

For Extra Dry Skin

Moisture Infusion – This luxuriously creamy product is a veil of powerful hydrators and smoothing emollients including jojoba oil and olive-derived squalane, increasing surface hydration and smoothing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and visibly improving skin firmness.

4 oz Jar

For Oily, Clogged & Dehydrated / Milia-Prone Skin

Dermaclarifiante combines a light exfoliating betahydroxy acid with a hydrating agent, helping to prevent accumulations of dead cells that can cause milia or clog pores, while maintaining proper hydration levels.

8 oz Bottle


For Combination-Oily Skin

Masque Clarifiante is a unique deep cleansing formulation that can be used as a mask treatment or as an exfoliating scrub. This clay-based, granular mask is designed for oily areas with clogged pores. It can be used all

over the face for very oily skin types, or in the center panel for combination skin. After drying, it

can be re-wet and used as a scrub/exfoliator. Masque Clarifiante should not be used on the eye area!

8 oz Jar

For Extra Oily & Problem Skin

CONCEPT:CLEAN®Super-Cleanse Mask

For Very oily/Problematic; thick skin with enlarged pores, this powerful mask treatment has extraordinary clarifying and cleansing properties. A special blend of clays and sulfur, the mask removes dead cell buildup, loosening clogged pores and follicular impurities, tightening the appearance of pores and dramatically improving texture of oily and problem skin.

PRECAUTIONS: DO NOT USE IN EYE AREAS! Super-cleanse mask is a very effective, potent treatment and does tend to cause a strong tingling sensation. Should not be used if clients is using any prescription retinoids including tretinoin (Retin-A) or isotretinoin (Accutane).

8 oz Jar

For Sensitive, Redness-Prone, or Dehydrated Skin

Sensitive ScienceÒ Soothing Gel Mask is designed to soothe and cool flushed and irritant-prone skin. A unique blend of soothing ingredients including extracts of licorice and chamomile, and other special calming ingredients, effectively reducing redness and hydrating sensitive skin. This special mask has been extensively dermatologist- and irritancy-tested. This exceptionally versatile mask can be used on ANY skin type and around the eye area, and is a superb hydration treatment for dehydrated and uncomfortable skin.

8 oz Jar

For Dry, Dehydrated, Sun-Damaged, or Aging Skin

Moisture Support SystemÒ Intensive Moisture Mask infuses essential moisture to achieve a visibly firmer and smoother-looking skin. This wonderful cream mask is an excellent treatment for wrinkles, and can be used around the eyes and mouth, as well as on the neck.

4 oz Jar



For Redness-Prone & Aging Skin – ALL SKIN TYPES

Protecting your skin from the devastating and irritating effects of free-radicals is a very important step in the treatment of aging skin. Moisture Support SystemÒ Strataserum Advance contains multiple stabilized antioxidants in special micro-liposomes for excellent delivery, helping to firm, soothe, and clarify the look of aging skin. Vitamins C & E, along with Grapeseed and Green Tea Extracts and other key ingredients help to increase the appearance of clarity, firmness, and tone. It is also a powerful soother, and redness reducer.

For skin showing tiredness, dullness, signs of aging, or minor redness, apply Strataserum to entire face and neck. Apply with slow, gentle strokes.  Positive ionization may be used over the serum. Continue with massage and hydration treatment with the proper Mark Lees massage treatment product.

Can also be applied prior to steam treatment for redness-prone and sensitive skin.

4 oz Bottle

For Very Dry Skin and Wrinkle-Prone Areas

Moisture Support SystemÒ Intensive Lipid Serum contains a concentrated lipid complex to ultimately hydrate, soften, and smooth the driest of skin. The luxurious-feeling serum is especially smoothing for dry areas around the eyes and mouth, and on the neck. Apply at the very end of treatment on very dry skin.

4 oz Bottle

For Spot-Treatment – Pimples & Blemishes

CONCEPT:CLEANÒ Dermashake is a special drying lotion for blemishes, helping to reduce surface oiliness, control shine, and T-Zone oiliness. Dermashake can be applied with a cotton swab directly to blemishes after extraction. DO NOT use immediately prior to high frequency application.

4 oz Bottle

For Bumpy Upper Arms and Dry Body Skin

Resurfacing Body Lotion – This remarkable scentless, non-greasy formulation features a synergistic blend of glycolic acid, exceptional hydrators, and conditioning emollients and moisture-guarding agents work together to resurface and smooth the appearance of bumpy, rough-textured upper arms and shoulders, dry legs, arms, chest, & back, calloused feet and hands, & uneven skin tone. This potent lotion should not be used on or near the face, eyes, neck, or mucous membranes.

Clients should follow-up by using this product twice daily at home.

16 oz Bottle

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