trial packages

These full-size product packages are designed for the skin therapist to try and understand our product systems. They are highly discounted and are available for one-time purchases only!

For individual product descriptions, see our online product directory.

Signature Package – Experience our best-selling non-clogging products in our line for combination and clog-prone skin. Includes full size Daily Purifier Gel Wash, Gentle Gel Wash, Aquaclar Foaming Cream Cleanser, Lait Clarifiante Milk Cleanser (great for makeup removal!), Tonique Clarifiante Hydrating Toner, Essential Daily Protection Sunscreen SPF-30, Hydrafluide Oil Free Hydrating Fluid, Alphaplex AHA/BHA Pore-clearing Treatment Gel, Masque Clarifiante Scrub Mask, Resurfacing Body Lotion (AHA lotion for bumpy arms and dry body skin), Dermaclarifiante BHA Matte Moisture.                                            (Total – 13 products) Reg. Wholesale Cost $216.50.  Trial package Price $184.00

Concept Clean® Acne Package – Our “power tools” for mild to moderate acne and oily skin treatment. These products can easily be used or integrated with other products in the signature line. We strongly recommend purchasing both the Signature and Concept Clean Trial Packages together.

Concept Clean® Acne Package includes full size Daily Scrub Granular Wash, Super Cleanse Wash for Extra Oily Skin, BPO (benzoyl peroxide) Wash, Exfolitone BHA Toner, BPO 2.5% Gel Acne Medication, BPO 5% Gel Acne Medication, Dermashake Blemish Drying Lotion, Concept Clean Super-Cleanse Sulfur Mask.                                                                                                                    (Total – 8 products) Reg. Wholesale Cost $107.50  Trial package Price $91.00

Purchase BOTH Signature & Concept Clean Packages for $259. (21 Products)

Moisture Support System® Dry & Aging Skin Package

Our state-of-the-art products for dry skin and aging skin, this highly-tested collection includes some our most high-tech products for making skin look smoother and younger. Includes full size A Beautiful Day SPF-30 Day Moisture Crème, A Beautiful Night Replenishing Complex, Moisture Infusion Rich Night Hydrator, Firm Resolution Firming Crème, Firm Resolution Antioxidant-peptide Serum, Pept-Eyes Creme – our award-winning eye crème, Pept-Eyes Eye Serum, Intensive Lipid Serum for extra dry skin, Intensive Moisture Crème Mask, Strataserum Advance Antioxidant Serum, Alpha Advance Resurfacing AHA Serum, Smooth Expressions Peptide Wrinkle Softening Crème, Serum Revival with Resveratrol – an amazing serum for “birthday” aging!

(Total – 13 products) Reg. Wholesale Cost $406.00  Trial package Price $345.00

Sensitive Science® Sensitive and Redness-Prone Skin Package

Our line of products for ultra-sensitive skin has extensively dermatologist-tested. This fragrance-free system includes soothing ingredients to calm redness and restore moisture. Includes full size Soothing Cleanser, Soothing Toner, Soothing Serum, Daily Prevention SPF-15 Day Crème, Calm & Restore Moisture Fluid, and Soothing Gel Hydrating Mask.

(Total – 6 products) Reg. Wholesale Cost $128.50  Trial package Price $109.00

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